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Research Organizations

Avian Conservation & Ecology – Open-access journal of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists and Bird Studies Canada

People (and the projects on which we collaborate)

  • Jennifer Lavers – Seabird conservation, plastic ingestion, and wildlife toxicology (University of Tasmania)
  • Steve Portugal – Applications of sensory ecology to conservation (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Neil Burgess – Mercury dynamics in seabirds (Environment Canada)
  • Keith Hobson – Stable isotope applications in ecology & conservation (Western University)
  • Greg Robertson – Ecology of seabirds in Newfoundland & Labrador (Environment Canada)
  • Tony Diamond – Seabirds on Machias Seal island, New Brunswick (University of New Brunswick)
  • Ian Jones – Ecology, behaviour, and demography of auklets (Memorial University)
  • Ted Miller – Vocalizations of Procellariiformes, maternal investment in sandpipers (Memorial University)

Groups & Links of Interest